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Okay. Confession time. I have a confession to make. Are you ready? Here it is: (whispering) I hate scrapbooking. Really. It’s just not my “bag”. Not something that I enjoy at all. I know, I know…and you thought that all Mormon women were scrapbookers. The truth is out. Whenever I hear people tell me how “patient” I am because I like to do small needle work, like hardanger, I always cringe inside and usually blurt out that “different things take different kinds of patience”. This is because I have this dirty little secret…a secret that I keep hidden deep under the stairs with all of our family photos…a hidden reminder that I have no “patience” for scrapbooking. No, my children will never have fancy scrapbooks completed for each year of their lives, beautifully decorated with colorful die cuts and trimmings. No, no baby books marking each and every first step and lost tooth. I was given a baby book once, for one of my later children, but I felt such guilt at not keeping a baby book for the older children that I have buried it deep in the closet under all the Christmas trimmings. It resurfaces every now and then to remind me of my guilt, but each time it does I hastily…and guiltily…shove it to the back of the closet. Out of sight, out of mind.

No…most likely my children will find the photos that we have taken in the same state that they are in right now. Wedding pictures in those nasty acid based sticky albums…no, I couldn’t get those pictures out now if I tried. And baby pictures in a big box under the stairs (not stashed as deeply as the un-used baby book). Digital photos here and there on the computers. I hope, I HOPE technology doesn’t leave us behind with these pictures in formats we can no longer view. I even have, hidden away where no one can find them, a few rolls of undeveloped 35mm film! (sigh) No, after nearly 20 years of accumulating photos of our family, I am totally and completely at a loss of where to begin and totally overwhelmed with the prospect of sorting, organizing, and putting these pictures into albums at all…let alone perfectly coiffed and trimmed ones. I’m just extremely glad that there isn’t a question in the temple recommend interview concerning the scrap-booking of family photos! And I hope my posterity doesn’t hate me too much for my lack diligence to the scrapbooking of family memories…

Okay. Whew…I feel better (a little) getting that off my chest. And now…

I want to share with you a kind of “booking” that i DO enjoy. Maybe if I share, it will become the new “craze”. Everybody will be doing it. It could become the new standard by which we Mormon women are judged. (Wouldn’t that be nice for me?) Actually, I think that a lot of you already do this yourselves on some level. I’ve seen other women with the tell-tale notebook tagging along in their church bags. The thing I am talking about is what I call “notebooking”.

I am a keeper of notebooks. My favorites are those little 5×7 size notebooks that you can get for a dollar apiece at the craft store. (Yes, I do shop at the craft store…just not for scrapbooking supplies.) I’ve got notebooks for everything. Notebooks for my scripture study. Notebooks for our homeschool. Notebooks for each responsibility at church. Notebooks for the books that I am reading. Yes, I keep notebooks on just about everything! Wouldn’t want to have a thought slip by without recording it where I can go back and remember that awesome thought or epiphany that I just had.

…but wait. With so many notebooks, it gets to be pretty cumbersome. I’m always looking for the notebook that I need for the current event or study that I’m doing. Where did I leave that one? On the desk? In my scripture bag? Living room floor?

So last year, I started to keep just one notebook. One book where I recorded all of the things that came up. The notes for the talk that I gave…and the notes on the studies that went into it before the talk was pulled together. The notes from that amazing Women’s Conference. The lesson I prepared for that primary class. All those wonderful thoughts that I must hold onto…in one notebook. But that was challenging too! I had to flip through pages and pages to get back to the annotations on that book I read, or that talk that I heard.

Well, I’ve come up with a solution (or at least a partial one)  for that challenge…and I want to share it with all of you closet notebookers out there…or you notebooker wannabes. I felt SO brilliant when this idea flitted through my brain that I…that’s right, you guessed it…I just had to write it down. And aren’t you glad? That means that I can now share it with you! It’s a very simple idea, but the greatest ones usually are…simple.

I still keep one notebook at a time…usually. But now I am numbering the pages of my notebook before I begin to use it. And I’m leaving the first few pages blank. Those pages are my “Table of Contents” and I create it as I go. When I use some pages to write notes on the current classic that I’m reading, I jot it down in the table of contents with the page numbers. When thoughts and ideas come to me concerning my children and our studies, I can jot them down in my notebook…no scrambling to find the right one…and then I add it to the table of contents for easy reference later. When I want to remember what that epiphany was that I got while studying the parable of the mustard seed…I can find it quickly in my fancy-dancy table of contents without flipping through pages and pages of notebook.

There is probably a more technologically advanced way to do this, but I’m still a pencil and paper sort of gal at heart. And maybe…as I get really smart and full of wisdom…and a hundred years from now, my posterity will find my notebooks, and my wonderful table of contents will lead them to just the pages that they need. And they’ll say to themselves…Wow! Great, great grandma thought THAT about that book (…or passage of scripture…or…), that’s what I thought too! (Or maybe they will find something totally original in my thoughts and they’ll think I’m so smart and wise!)

Maybe then they will forgive me…at least a little bit…for the lack of fancy scrapbooks in our family tree.


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