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I have been reading a wonderful book lately called One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. This beautiful little book has inspired me to begin keeping a gratitude journal. If you are like me, you have also been blessed with numerous gifts and blessings in your life which often pass you by because you aren’t really paying attention. I suspect that in our rush-rush world, we can all benefit a bit from slowing down and taking note of the wonders and blessings in our lives. I’ve become convinced that we don’t really receive a gift or blessing until we’ve named it. (Ann Voskamp’s thoughts about naming have sent me on a whole “thought journey” of my own which I am not yet finished with.)

We are told in scripture that if we receive the gifts we are given….that is if we recognize and show gratitude for them, we will receive more. And if we continue not to receive…that is we fail to recognize and appreciate our blessings, then even that which we have shall be taken away (Matt. 13:12…also see D&C 88:33). How sad is that? How many blessings are sent my way each and every day, but I receive no benefit from them simply because I do not have eyes to see…I’m blind to those blessings. Being blind to them, it is as if they were never given…even that which I technically have has been taken away, so to speak. And yet, as I learn to see more clearly and name the blessings I have…and find the joy and wonder in them, I receive more. More and more, I think that the “receiving more” part is simply a function of my being able to see. How like the 10 lepers who were made clean…and the one, returning to thank is made whole. Thus, he received an additional…and greater…blessing because of his gratitude…because he took time to name and to thank for the blessing he received. (Luke 17:12-19) I want to be like that.

Just at this time that I’m really starting to count my blessings, I have a friend who posted about appreciating our children. Check out her blog on Appreciating Our Kids Month. Another friend that I have met in the blogging world has also posted on this topic. Her blog is called Do You Love Being a Mother? Let Your Words Show It!” I highly recommend these two thought provoking blogs.

Both of these posts, along with the book I’ve been reading, have gotten me to thinking. I love to think deeply and to ponder, but thinking is useless unless it leads us to some improving action, so I’m taking Leah’s challenge to write each day about the things that I love and appreciate about my children…and about being a mother. And what a perfect time to begin…as I’m beginning a new school year with my children and studying them and their interests, passions, and needs to determine the best way to approach this year together.

It has been said that anything that the Savior is allowed to place his hands upon…becomes whole. Can it be that like the leper who was made whole, my family might also have that blessing as I return and thank for the individual blessings that each child is in my life and for the sweet blessing of being their mother?

I’d love to share my list with you each day, but in the name of sanity…and for the sake of my children’s needs, I’ve committed to post on my blog only about twice a week. So, I’ll blog when I can, but be assured that I am keeping a daily journal and I will share some of it with you. Maybe you’d like to take the challenge too. What do you love and appreciate about your children? What wonders do you see when you look into their eyes? What do you love about being a mother (or father)?

My first entry into my journal…Hugs…next blog.



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